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Tuesday, January 1, 2008

Tutu Cute!!

In your window shopping stroll today, I want to grab you by the hand and pull you to this fabulously whimsical children's shop....Tutu Cute and Moore! http://www.tutucuteandmoore.etsy.com/


A request for "over the top" tutus for a children's boutique in Ohio, combined with 35 years of teaching Home Economics, and with the added bonus of an aqua blue Singer sewing machine purchased in 1968, and voila! A shop of enchanting children's items was born!

All items are still sewn on the aqua blue Singer machine, which I love! Items in her shop include Chenille tooth fairy pillows, ribbon hair organizers, tutus!, chenille burp cloths (adorable!) and the absolutely marvelous chenille party hats! I am completely in love with these!!!

You MUST look through all the wonderful items in this shop! There are too many to list them all!

Sweet doesn't even begin to describe them!

Let's just stay in this shop a while and soak up the whimsy.......sigh.....so enchanting!


I am absolutely taken with Popalicious! http://www.popalicious.etsy.com/
I love pendants of all kinds, but these handmade pendants are truly unique works of art! Each pendant is "hand made kiln fired bisque painted in great detail with "safe" acrylic paints opaque and metallic and then glazed with a HIGH GLOSS acrylic coating..". Designs are inspired by everything, and I love that the shop offers to created something based on your inspirations! (Just convo them).
The name "Popalicious" comes from the nickname for their dachsund, "Pops". How sweet!
I also adore the fact that Popalicious donates 10% of their monthly proceeds to an Etsy Animals Charity of the Month.

Take a peek at these!

Stop in and visit this sweet shop!
Have a great day! Stay Warm!

Baby, It's Cold Outside.....

My sweet readers, I must apologize for the past week of not blogging...terrible cold has kept me under the weather. Today, I will be blogging multiple times in order to catch up on featuring all the lovely Etsy shops that I want to share with you.
I hope all of you had a wonderful and restful holiday, and an enchanting new year's eve.

Today, it is pouring rain.....perfect day to window shop! First, I would like you to peek into http://www.piperwells.etsy.com A delicious shop filled with crocheted scarves, ponchos, and capelets just calling to be worn on a cold day. The colors are marvelous and when looking at these, you wish you could touch them.

A few of my favorites include.......

Shopping here is a true pleasure...prices are very reasonable, items are gorgeous, and the shop's announcement contains everything a customer needs to know right off the bat. A family history of crocheting truly shines here!
Visit today!
Have a Great Day! Stay Warm!

Monday, December 24, 2007

Vintage Love.....

On this Christmas Eve, I want to wish everyone a very Happy Christmas! In all of our hurried preperations, I know that you will remember Christmas' past with a fond smile. Holidays and nostalgia go hand in hand...remembering our family traditions, friends and relatives. The past is a treasure...
I have a love for everything vintage, and today I want you to peek into Vintage Inspirations...a superb etsy shop filled with handmade jewelry reminiscent of the past. As a child, I used to spend weekends at my grandparents house and sometimes my grandmother would show my sister and I all the beautiful jewelry boxes she had...filled with jewerly that had been handed down through time...each one gorgeous and unique.

I love jewelry that emits a mood, and that has been very hard to find until now. Vintage Inspirations creates such wonderful pieces that just looking at them, will give you a sudden urge to listen to the Boswell Sisters. That is a beautiful thing.
Here are a few of my faves......
Aren't they divine?
Visit this shop, and you're sure to fall in love. The shop's owner has been creating handmade jewelry for four years now, and explains the name of her shop in her profile : "Why "Vintage Inspirations"? Because I love everything vintage! From an old piece of furniture with chippy paint, to faded photographs and old tarnished costume jewelry, I love it all! Although I think that my work refelcts todays tastes and trends I always have that Vintage Inspiration in the back of my mind."
Very well said.
Take a peek!
Have a Wonderful Christmas Eve! Stay Warm!

Sunday, December 23, 2007

Chirp, Chirp......

In our frenzy of holiday preperations, I just want to remind everyone to keep our feathered friends in mind. During the cold weeks ahead, take a moment to sprinkle some birdseed, fill your birdfeeders, or place your suet cakes in their holders.

With birds on the brain, I want you to visit Magpie Collections today. Magpie is certainly fitting for this shop's owner ~ as she tells us in her profile "Magpie-The name suits me very well. Always attracted to beautiful things, I collect them (bead-aholic)and make jewelry. I love doing artistic stuff, the feeling of accomplishment and satisfaction one gets when you create something beautiful with your hands let it be a painting, jewelry or anything creative.Thats what I am all about...".

Magpie Collections is filled with beautiful handmade jewerly, using a range of materials including swarvoski crystals and polymer clay. Custom orders are welcomed, and the shop is trader friendly, which I love!
Here a few of my favorites.......

And, with Valentine's Day approaching, this "Love Crazy" necklace would be an amazing treasure!

Categories in this shop range from Anklets, Bracelets, Necklaces, Paintings, and even Wine Charms, making this shop a perfect fit while shopping for those hard to please.
Stop in to Magpie Collections today! Can't wait to see more treasures from this magpie....
Have a great day everyone! Stay Warm!

Saturday, December 22, 2007

All Warm and Fuzzy......

Can you believe that Christmas is only a few days away? Time is just flying by. We'll blink, and then it will be New Years Eve. I haven't thought too much about making New Year's resolutions...I tend not to. Instead, I like to make a "Things I'd Like to Do This Year" list. lol. If you haven't tried it, it is fun....and great to do while you're hanging out on new year's eve. Once this list is done, keep it in a safe place - then on the next New Year's eve, you review the list from the year before, realizing all the things that you've accomplished. The list can be as big or little as you want it.....and the kids love it.

This year, I'm putting Learn to Knit on my list. My mother is very, very good at knitting, but I never caught on. Crochet is wonderful, and I caught on very quickly - taught myself, actually. When I was younger, my mom did attempt to teach me to knit, but to say the least, it didn't work out. lol. I have always been fascinated with knitting, and I really am going to try to learn this new year. If any of you can recommend a great book on knitting, or any other tips, feel free to comment me! Speaking of knitting.......
I stepped into the most amazing etsy shop this past week, called The Sheepish Lion. I love the name, lol. Very original and cute! I absolutely LOVE this shop! Shop owner Tammy is absolutely amazing at knitting up soft scarves, beanie hats, and ipod/cell phone cozies....but her felted jewelry is so sweet and unique! I must place an order ASAP! I have never seen necklaces like these before, but I am so taken with them........

These are made using 100% wool and a technique called 'wet felting'. They close with a barrell clasp, and can be custom ordered, if you'd prefer a different color. I can't wait to order mine!!

The Sheepish Lion's shop is a joy to visit....you can spend a lot of time here, browsing through all the superb items. Here are a few more of my faves.....
The felted Bangle bracelets with seed beads look awesome! The Sheepish Lion also carried handcarved knitting needles, as well! How great it that?!
Pretty please, with a cherry on top, visit this shop! You'll love it as much as I do!
She also has a fantastic blog http://www.sheepishxlion.blogspot.com
Be sure to check it out!
Have a Great Day everyone! Stay Warm!

Friday, December 21, 2007

Go Green

In all of my crochet endeavors, there is one thing that I will no longer crochet. The bag keeper. Why? Because I refuse to use plastic shopping bags. Once discarded, plastic bags take many, many years to decompose, and they are harmful to animals and the environment as a whole. I have been searching for alternatives, and can you believe it? I found a great alternative. Where? Etsy, of corse! lol
AmandaMade is a fabulous Going Green Shop! The shop has a wonderful section called "Making Green Fashionable", featuring handsewn, large and roomy shopping bags. Bags are sewn of cotton, making them very durable, with a lining inside, and are larger than shopping bags offered at the grocery store. They are very fashionable too...the choices of patterns and colors make them lively and great to take on your next shopping trip.

Here are some wonderful bags offered at AmandaMade.......

Aren't they great?

The owner of AmandaMade is a stay at home mom and full time interior design student. Her profile lets us know that she has been sewing since she was 7, and she loves to focus on making items that are environmentally friendly.

The shop has a wonderful variety to it, offering a wide selection of items, including Wristlets, Coin Purses, Laptop Bags, Supplies and Patterns, and wonderful Hand Embroidered Pillows like these...

AmandaMade takes custom orders, too!
Wonderful Shop!
Have a great day everyone! Stay Warm!